Thursday, July 15, 2010

WaterHeater ... art space | brewery | culinary arts

The entrepreneurial spirit has taken up residence in two energetic and innovative young men. Benjamin Ramsdell and Jack Anderson are developing what can only be described as a concept space.

Located in the dynamic North Mississippi District, WaterHeater is most definitely "under construction". When completed, it will be Portland's newest art space, housing a brewery, eatery and catering service, music studios, and ateliers for emerging visual artists.

In their words (from

WaterHeater is emerging from the swamp of architects, permitting, inspectors and contracts to offer access to another beginning for artists, designers, gardeners, space holders, smashers, musicmakers, ingestors
and the future famous but always fabulous.

I may not have all of this right, but from what I can gather, Ben Ramsdell is the chef and developer of the culinary end of things. Jack Anderson appears to be the project manager with the heart of a poet. Not sure who will be the brewmaster. More to come, without a doubt.

The space is extraordinary. Huge, high, industrial, and light-filled with skylights, rafter-high windows, and walls of glass. It's set to be spectacular, with a second story loft built within the frame of this former metal foundry to house ateliers for emerging artists, leading to frequent and regular exhibitions.

I'm thrilled to announce that their kick-off event will be a fundraiser for Print Arts Northwest in October of this year:

monothon pdx 2010
A Marathon Printmaking Benefit
For Print Arts Northwest | PAN

More information will be made available on this community-wide art making event and celebration ... very soon. Promise.

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