Monday, January 31, 2011

A Woman's Work Is Never Done.

Branding (and Rebranding) Makes The World Go 'Round

Reflecting on the process of 'branding' as I update the look of this blog and my professional site: flairCreativ. Hand-in-hand with developing a new public face is the required updating of followers and friends, alerting them to be on the look-out for my new avatar, name, blog, etc.

It's the dilemma of the designer: what works in one season, no longer works 3-4 months later as aesthetics and culture evolve. I admit to wanting to be 'ahead of the curve', at the same time that I understand the illusory nature of that particular goal.

I find myself with a strong preference for the dramatic, vivid colors of pumped up digital images, these days, rather than the cool, Japanese aesthetic that lead my subtle charge in years past. 

There are moments when I regret my ne'er-do-well history, even though I was doing well enough: raising a daughter, learning the intricacies of graphic design back in the day of paste-up and hand-lettering, as well as finally completing a degree in Fine Art. 

All the while having a camera close at hand. (Bless the camera.) 

The feedback I've gotten over the past few years validates my vision. The truth is that no-one sees the world in exactly the same way. And some of us see more clearly than others, from vast landscapes to minute lichens creating a landscape-in-miniature.

It's time to take my photography to the next level. 
The next step: securing a web site to market my catalog of images.

Fine Art America, a
 site configured specifically for art sales that recently came my way, offers low pricing, handles creating prints per order, and even shipping, for a percentage of sales. Looks like a deal to me and a good way to get started as a professional creator of images. 

I just may be staring in the face of my Retirement Plan.

A few images ... 


Blue Pool  
Blue Pool Edge Five
Blue Pool Reflections 
All images ©2010 Lora R Fisher

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are We Ever (Really) Done?

It occurred to me recently that my last post was almost a month ago and, if anyone is wondering, I'm still here. It was a scary week in December. When I figured out that the experience of intense discomfort in my chest, back, and left arm was from bursitis, and not from a failing heart, I felt much better.

That said, the next topic, relating to the title, has to do with the ongoing process of presenting myself to the webiverse. Has that term been coined, already? Likely. Little is truly original these days. The plaint of most creative people in a postmodern world: "It's all been done before."

How liberating that thought is, really. It frees us up to do whatever we damn-well please, without the fear of accusatory voices. For those who accuse: It's all been said, already, so go create something.

So, a new look and purpose to this blog takes shape. I will use this forum to vent, reflect, and post new developments in my life. Mostly personal stuff, with references to professional developments, occasionally, but clarifying the boundaries and keeping this primarily for me, my photography, and daily angst, triumphs, challenges. Hoping for a lot of triumphs, frankly. Squeaking by financially ... makes me want lots and lots of chocolate.

I will endeavor now, to make this a regular habit, since I've liberated myself from having to be 'professional'. I have lots of other arenas for that, believe me.

Ok. Ok. I'll list them now and get it out of my system. Really. Such a habit. Always feeling the need to promote myself. I apologize ahead of the fact.

Twitter Pro: LRFisherCreativ
Twitter Fun: LoraRFisher
and then there's my professional blog with contact info: LR Fisher Creative Consultant

Am I done, yet?

Must be time for some photos ... 
Blue Pool, Santiam River, Oregon
All photos ©2010 Lora R Fisher

  All photos ©2010 Lora RiFisher