Friday, July 23, 2010

Master of Solarplate: Barbara Mason

Barbara Mason, Interim Director and cornerstone of Print Arts Northwest|PAN, is a master printmaker and teacher of Solarplate Intaglio.

Solarplate uses a light-sensitive polymer surface on a metal plate, which allows for highly expressive line work and extraordinary detail. The light of the sun is all that's necessary to embed the image on the plate. It is fast gaining ground as a medium for photographers, as well as printmakers and artists working in any medium who are intrigued with the idea of reproducing their work.

Mason is known for her striking abstract images that speak of human emotions and fragility, with titles such as: Stability, Fortitude, Intangible, and Persistence. Primarily working in black and white, she is a master, not only of the medium, but also of negative space. Mason uses negative space and minimalism with the strength and subtlety of an Ikebana master, utilizing understatement as the key to reaching the innermost recesses of the human psyche.

Barbara regularly teaches solarplate Intaglio to adults throughout the Pacific Northwest and to children in schools and after-school arts programming.

To learn more about Barbara and view examples of her work:

image: Fortitude Barbara Mason, solarplate intaglio

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