Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First, The Nonsense ...

Recently I stumbled across an obscure blog post that briefly examined the subject of endearments, as in: just what do we call our ( _____ ) when introducing him/her to family and friends?

This got me thinking for a change. My response was to post a query about said subject on facebook. Giddiness ensues ...

(My apologies to the blogger for not giving adequate credit, but like all things creative, once it's out there, it's life is its own.)

A Few Names To Call Your "Squeeze" (with notes):

Honey (boring)
Honey-pot (vivid)
Sug (as in: shoog/sugar; very old-timey Southern warm)
Paramour (good one, if a bit stilted)
Soul-mate (ugh!)
Roomie and partner (too vague)
Lover (highly descriptive, if a bit sleazy)
(I won't even mention "POSSLQ" or "significant other" ... other what?)
Sweetheart (endearing, with good history), derivations of which include:
sweetie, sweetiepie, sweetface, and my personal favorite: "sweetmeat".

I then encouraged my friends to chime in with their faves, which brought in several additional toothsome options, including:

Rabbit, stud muffin, and love-monkey from Diana
Partner-in-crime, Liv
Lovey-dovey, sweetums, and Ol' HIde(?) from Mary
Luv, June's solid contribution
and from Kryslin:
Cutie, cutiepie, sweet-cheeks, and one of my faves: Darlin' (apostrophe optional)

Vivid and endearing, it's unlikely that a number of these would be chosen when introducing one's darlin' to the family, however.

The result, of course, was that I felt compelled to use, if not all, then at least the bulk of these suggestions, in a complete, albeit, run-on, sentence, (much like this one ...), which follows:

My luv-monkey-stud-muffin-rabbit-darlin's got the sweetest sweet-cheeks
and is my
life-partner-in-crime and white-hot honey-pot cutie-pie,
without whom life would be
a partnerless wasteland
of sweetmeatless squeezeless loneliness.

(With thanks to my darlin' contributors.)

I highly recommend pure silliness to relieve the over-arching angst of existence.

Now, back to the angst ... .

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