Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

It's past time to update and my apologies to any who may be wondering where I've been. Keeping up with facebook and twitter, planning and coordinating new exhibitions for PAN and digging in the garden between storms have kept me thrice busy. (Now there's a word you don't see much. Is there an equivalent for 'four'?)
I'm also making way for Darling Daughter, who is moving in with Mom at the end of the month. It seems she is called to become a midwife and has begun an apprenticeship that, at the end of her 18-month program, will make her a Certified Midwife in the State of Oregon. This is my way of helping her to achieve a dream. She will move in, worm-bins and all, in a couple of weeks. I'm honored, actually, that she thinks she can live me ... .
I've moved the bulk of my office/studio into the 'great room' of my modest home. The ugly part is still left to complete: Files. Oh, bane of my existence!
My new office space is really kind of spiffy, however. Nice big sunny window with orchids and tomato starts zooming upward. (Will there even be tomatoes this year?) I enjoy watching the sky show, when there is one. Currently: partly sunny! One of the pleasures of living in the Willamette Valley, that should never be taken for granted, is the passing drama of the sky that blesses us daily. It frustrates me when I hear Matt Zaffino refer to our 'black clouds'. Anyone with half an eye can see that they're really indigo and violet with crimson auras and teal highlights.
That may be enough of the 'random thoughts'. A nice break from the business of promoting art.
God Bless Artists ... .

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