Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kindred Spirits, Sacred Moments & The Written Word

My previous announcement of R. Keaney Rathbun's upcoming solo exhibition with Print Arts Northwest, Sacred Moments: A Print Portfolio, pleased him so much that he hired me write for his next show.
Also a solo exhibit, Sacred Moments: The Installation opens at the end of June at Waterstone Gallery in Portland's Pearl District. The exhibit will feature an array of Rathbun's works highlighting the variety of media that Rathbun has been producing in this entire series. The centerpiece of the exhibit will be a floor-to-ceiling altar in homage of the small sacred moments that fill a day and a life.
Quite the versatile guy is this R. Keaney Rathbun, whose impressive body of work is comprehensive and carries an integration of focus unique to someone who works in such a wide variety of media.

Where I come in: Rathbun is producing a marketing piece for the Waterstone show and has asked me to write a more comprehensive analysis to accompany photos of his work. He also has a book project of his art in the works featuring his prints, sculptures, and additional media that he's known for, including stained glass and needlepoint. I've been asked to contribute to this as well. I will definitely keep you posted.

I am pleased to be supporting the multi-talented R. Keaney Rathbun. When I view his work, I feel that I've found a kindred spirit.

Sacred Moments: A Print Portfolio
PAN Gallery 5|20 - 6|14, Opening Reception 5|20, 5:30 - 8:00pm

Sacred Moments: The Installation
Waterstone Gallery 6|30 - 7|28

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