Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nothing, Yet Everything, To Do With Art

There are moments when I feel literally sick to my stomach at the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico. I can only imagine how heartsick are the people who have lived there for generations.

This feels karmic. Payback for our greed and aggressive overuse of the planet's resources. We are literally being buried in oil. It's as if She's saying: "You want oil? I'll give you OIL ... . So much oil that it will wipe you out. So much oil that I will have a good excuse to start over."

Anthropomorphic personification of Mother Earth aside, cause and effect is definitely in play. The people and animals of the Gulf States are paying the price. Sacrificed in order to wake us up to our addictive and unconscious behaviors.

How does this pertain to art and artists? Simply put, artists and visionaries are now, and always have been, the hope and saviors of the human race, with the ability to see and dig deep into our collective and planetary psyche.

One such visionary artist, Kevin Costner (no matter what you think of him, at least we can give him that), has developed a siphoning system that will collect the oil and release clean water back into the gulf.

Check it out and contact your representatives. Get them on board and let's get this solved.
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