Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Separate, But Equally Convoluted

Facebook Has A Unique Capacity For Making Things Complicated.

Having just wrangled with Facebook's circuitous and often questionable 'Help', I've managed to import this blog onto my Consulting|Business Services page: FLAIRCreativ.

This makes me somewhat happy.

The caveat: since everything I post here will now show up there, I no longer feel quite so free in simply gabbing about my internal reality, even though it may be inextricably linked to my professional reality.

To complicate matters further, I also have an under-utilized professional services blog: flairCreativ.blogspot.comwhich I use as a reference point, with contact information and for directing people to various sites. I've also begun an 'Artists To Watch' page on this site, which will feature artists that I either represent or admire greatly.

Top on my list is Michael Orwick. He's been a highlight in the Pacific Northwest regional arts scene for some time and is gaining ground on the national map, as well.

I'm currently developing publicity for his big spring exhibition where his work will be featured at three Willamette Valley wineries, plus a show at Art Elements Gallery in Newberg, Oregon.

I'm honored to be working with Michael. Not only is he one of the least pretentious people I've ever known, his work is brilliant and moving, and reflects his spiritual connection with the natural world. Michael also works in the realm of the 'fantastic' when the spirit moves him, with works that appeal to children and the child-within-the-adult.

His work is featured on Facebook: Michael Orwick Arts 
and on his site Michael Orwick 
with updates and interactions with his followers on Twitter

Golden Vines
Michael Orwick
30 x 40"

So now, I'm wondering: Will Facebook allow me to feature two blogs? 
That may be pushing my luck.

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