Monday, November 22, 2010

Rethink | Revise | Redefine

I woke up knowing that today was the day to do the procrastinated:
It's time to rethink how I want to present myself to the world, what services I provide to that world, and accessibility to those services.

This, of course, entails mundane tasks such as establishing email accounts and alerting contacts to the new and better Lora R Fisher, as well as redesigning the look of this page. So far, so good. I still have plenty ahead: people to contact; accounts to add, change, and delete. The most important, however, is redefining who I am and what I do, which may take some time.

I'm wondering if I will continue to use this blog as a forum for my photography, my insights and even outrages, or if I should set up an entirely new blog for that purpose. The latter seems wise, but I will hold off on that decision until the nuts & bolts of this initial process are screwed in and tightened.

It's daunting, but I'm certain I will make my way through, with the goal for this day being to have the new framework set up and to alert my 'peeps' to the changes. 

More to come ... .

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  1. I like the images you have on your blog - your photographs, I presume.