Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good News !

There’s a new development in Oregon.

It’s name ... Clear Cut Love.

Clear Cut Love is the title of Tanner Givnan’s latest screenplay, a story about loggers, environmentalists, a handsome and conflicted prep-school polished journalist, a stunningly brilliant and stunningly gorgeous tree-sitter, and the Tillamook people who live and work in Oregon’s Tillamook State Forest. It’s filled with hilarious plot-twists, double entendres, a grand scenic backdrop, and an environmental message that is both urgent and timeless.

Tanner and Team are working diligently and with passion to bring this story to life. This is an independent feature film that will be produced in Oregon, using Oregon talent in both the preproduction and crew, as well as utilizing regional acting talent. In addition to using regional actors wherever possible, we’ve received nearly 4,000 submissions from actors across the country! Several names will be familiar to you when the time comes to make the casting announcement.

Clear Cut Love has a Facebook page, of course, and thanks to the great response we received from our “1 Like = 1 Tree Planted” campaign, garnered over 100 Likes within its first week of existence. Record time for a word-of-mouth ... make that word-of-key ... promotion! We’re well on our way to 200 and should hit that soon.
We would love to have at least 200 Likes before launching our fundraising program with IndieGoGo.

Originally we were planning to use Kickstarter to raise seed-money, but soon realized that IndieGoGo is more in alignment with our goals: it promotes independently produced projects and is recognized internationally. Since we will be releasing in Europe as well as North America, it makes sense to capitalize on name recognition early in the game.

Please take a moment and visit Clear Cut Love on Facebook and add your *Like* to help keep the momentum building! Every single click lends credibility and will help help us to launch a smashingly successful IndiGoGo campaign. Not only will investors see a standout film project presented with professionalism and style, they will also see that we ‘get’ the profound impact that Social Media has when developing presence and personality and for building a fan-base.

Thanks to those who have already expressed their support and enthusiasm for Clear Cut Love. And, to our newest fans and followers: thanks to you, too. This is going to be a fun ride!

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You can also follow #CCL on Twitter !

Lora R Fisher, Communications Director | Producer
Clear Cut Love ... life in the forest will never be the same

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