Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Signals ...

Hardwired into our developing brains as first-graders is that the month of September brings with it fundamental changes.

Not only does school begin in September, but the rays of the sun enter our eyes at an increasingly oblique angle with each day that passes.

There is a mellowness in the air and a flavor like melancholy, over-ripe plums. Though, at six, one day seems very similar to the next and we certainly had no word for the flavor in the air, that once tasted like sweet grapes coated in honey.

As adults, we long for our tomatoes to ripen, and as is true in my case, carry our cameras with us wherever we go because we know that there is nothing like this light. It moves us in a primal way, signalling harvest and preparation for the season to follow.

I contemplate change daily now. I put off finishing updating my C.V. in preparation for finding another position somewhere in the midst of this lousy economy, in favor of almost everything else. Especially, to step outside and absorb this gorgeous light into my cells.

It seems fitting that I am poised for change. It is September, after all.

Forest Light, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
© Lora R Fisher

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