Monday, August 2, 2010

Time Out | Time In

Here's to giving oneself a break now and then.

I just did and it was delightful.

Synopsis of my week:
Slept in. Read Sarah Dunant's In The Company Of The Courtesan. Mixed pigments. Applied paint to canvas. Shot photos. Processed photos. Sat in the shade. Talked with my daughter. Watched July turn into August. Listened to birds singing. Watered the garden. Relished the changing light, warmth, and mellowness of this time of year. Made a new friend.

I kissed the dog, held the cat like a baby, and simply enjoyed life for five glorious day.

I came away from these past five days with three important lessons:

1) I will assert my creative self into each day by saving a portion of it just for me, for this is the way I find balance and peace.

2) I will carry my camera with me wherever I go, with spare batteries always on hand, for this is the way I avoid frustration.

3) I will continue to talk and laugh with strangers, for this is a path to joy.

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